Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Checking out of Costa Rica- Golfito style

We started the treasure hunt this morning to get our Zarpe to exit Costa Rica and enter Panama.  Pretty quick and easy process in Golfito.
0. Make 3 copies of all your documents, i.e. passport and check in papers. There is a good copy place to the right of the hardware store that is to the right of the Banco National
1. Go to the Banco National (1,000 colones taxi ride, like all the rides for two in Golfito proper). Take your hat off so they will let you through the security doors. Get in line at the desk on the far right. Pay US$25 and get a receipt.
2. Cab to Migracion. Nice people who do some stamping and will arraign your papers for the other stops.
3. Get a cab to the Zona Libre. The customs office (Aduana) is located near the main entrance to the shopping, behind the Delgado Trucking counter. Give them the papers setup by Migracion, take a seat and wait while they stare at the computer screen for 15 minutes. Get your letter for the Port Captain.
4. Off to the Capitana de Puerto – about block closer into town past the Banco National, then right along the water, next to the Guarda Costa. Hand them your papers, tell them what time you are leaving and get your international Zarpe.
golfitoMG_8540 Say good bye to the turtle with one last banana.
golfitoIMG_8552Put your hat on and say good bye to Golfito and all the dogs and the folks at TierraMar marina.
Adios, Costa Rica!
Paul and Chris

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  1. Miss you guys, sounds like you are having a great time. Hopefully we'll catch up with you sometime. Take care, Vicki