Friday, May 20, 2011

Top 10 Salvadorian jokes

They decided to have an international national police contest to be held in El Salvador. The FBI, KGB and Salvadorian State Police were all to compete. The way the contest worked was that each team got one test. The team stood at the starting stage while a rabbit was released. They had to wait 10 minutes, then they were off to capture the rabbit. The team that brought it back in the shortest time would win.
The first team out was the FBI. The judges let the rabbit out and the FBI took off hunting down the rabbit. About 2 hours latter two black suited FBI agents with aviator glasses returned holding a white rabbit.
Next off was the KGB team. They took 6 hours to corral the rabbit and bring it back. All duly noted by the judges.
The last team was the Salvadorian State Police. Everyone stood around waiting for them to return. 8 hours went by and nothing. Finally the next morning the judges see the Salvadorians dragging back an iguana. One of the Salvadorian police was hitting this bedraggled iguana with a rifle butt. Slowly the iguana turned and looked up and said slowly, '”OK, I confess – I’m a rabbit”
Actually, that’s the only Salvadorian joke I know.
[EDIT]This was told to me by a proud Salvadorian

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