Saturday, April 16, 2011

tehuanapec crossing

we had a good two day sail across the gulf of tehuanepec. mostly sw winds in the four to eighteen knot range. nice sailing. we decided to cut straight across and not do the one foot on the beach route as the forecast looked good, the route is shorter and we didn't want the stress of being that close to shore. worked out this time. we are now about ten miles offshore of Guatemala. it is a hot, steamy night with no wind as we motor down the coast. next stop will be bahia del sol, el salvador. we need to be there at high tide to be able to cross the bar. we should be there early Monday morning. we'll anchor and wait for the afternoon high tide and the pilot to run us through the surf.
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  1. Hola Pablo & Chris, I LOVE the story of Mexican "expedient bureaucracy". (and are you noticing my taunting use of capital letters and parenthesis?) Don't forget that you have the secret weapon of Chris' hysterical (borderline psychotic) laugh. It worked for us in many tight spots...
    Feliz Cumpleanos a todo en el valero Jeorgia! Porque mi cabeza es tan mucho viejo, yo no requerdo que era el tiempo para dos cumpleanos para Tio Pablo y Tia Chris...