Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hanging in Catalina

We headed over  to Avalon from Cat Harbor for a few days on the moorings. If you don't mind the crowds, its a pretty fun place. I dove on the hull and replaced the zincs.

avalonIMG_5043 And bought some  expensive diesel from the surgy fuel dock.  Chris and I sailed to Avalon back in our young and crazy days. We had a memorable night at a dive bar in Avalon 30 years ago. We had to head back for a beer and to see if the Marlin Club was ruined and gone upscale. We weren’t disappointed.

avalonmarlin1IMG_5044 avalonmarlin2IMG_5055

It is still a classy place – the signs enforce a certain level of decorum.





We headed off to the anchorage in White Cove 3 or 4 miles up the coast from Avalon.


The water still isn’t that warm,but the color was inviting. We slipped into the wetsuits and did some skin diving off the rocky point among the kelp. Lots of Garibaldi's like this busily eating off the bottom.


We sailed over with our asym spinnaker to Newport to hang with the rich and famous of Southern Cal while swinging on a $5 a day mooring next to Balboa Island. Can’t beat the prices here for transient boats.  We visited Chris’ sister and family in Cote for a day and then Chris was off to the airport for a long flight to Ethiopia. I’ll meet her back in San Diego in a few weeks – after she fixes Africa or at least writes a good report on it.


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