Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Forensic plumping

We've been enjoying the hospitality of the Oakland Yacht Club for the last few days. Their tag line is 'Friendliest club on the bay' or something close to that... and they live up to it! We've had a small but persistent fresh water leak that we first noticed when we were leaving the Puget Sound after we overfilled our quarter tank with the water maker. We decided to find the problem and fix it while we were at the dock here. It took us a day and half of filling and emptying tanks to finally find the problem. It was the slightest nick in the fill hose of the quarter tank. Looks like it was hit with a razor knife some time in its long life.
The plumbing demon
Next on the agenda was washing Chris' laptop. it was getting pretty old (she bought it while working with the Lovelace Midwifery Service in Albuquerque more than 8 years ago), so she decided to wash it with the hose through an open port. I explained to her you had to take it all the way apart and wash the individual pieces, so here's the innards of a Dell Inspiron laptop:
Yikes, ulttimately we called it... DOA

For fun we decided to practice the ultimate sailing act: abandoning ship for the life raft. I donned my new wetsuit (thanks Terry) and participated in a life raft practice at the pool in the Encinal Yacht Club, put on by Sal's Rafts (thanks Sal).
Made it in the raft from the water! So what if it's only a pool...
And  a graceful exit, too. Don't try this at home kids.
Off to see some more of the absoutely fabulous SF Bay tomorrow


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  1. are you quite sure that Chris' computer washing incident was an "accident"? hmmmmm.... sounds to me like someone wanted a new one. but I'll bet she was pissed at losing her info! or did computer-weenie-extrordinaire come to her rescue and do mouth-to-mouth on the hard drive?