Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Sydney, Just Like I Pictured It

Can you guess what city we’re in? The Sydney Opera House along with the Harbour Bridge pretty much defines the Sydney skyline.
We picked up a mooring at Davis Marina for a week. It is located in North Harbour, next to Manly. It’s a fairly easy ferry ride from Manly to Circular Key in downtown Sydney, or a few bus transfers to get in.
We motored down the coast from Pittwater to Sydney drifting in and out of fog on a fairly warm day. This is the fog bank flowing off the Sydney Heads at the entrance to Sydney Harbour.
This is Georgia’s home for the week surrounded by million dollar well kept houses.
There are a lot of salt water pools along the walks around the bays. They make it less likely that the swimmers will feed the sharks.
On our first ferry trip into Sydney we passsed the US Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star. I think they were in town for a New Year’s break. She’s a 399ft long ice breaker built and homeported in Seattle.
Real estate in the greater Sydney area is crazy expensive. You might even say it’s in a bubble, although the median price has dropped 11% in 2018. We can’t afford a place anywhere near here but were hoping we might get a cot in the old Sailors Home building above at the Circular Key.
We headed off to do some serious tourist sightseeing. Here’s Chris in front of an extinct giant wombat like marsupial at the Australian Museum.
In a cute, playful diorama in the museum they have a deadly Sydney Funnel Web spider coming out of a child’s boot on the back porch of a suburban home. The Aussies really come across as proud of their various deadly and maiming critters
This is the skeleton known as the Bone Ranger. It is actually the remains of Sir Hercules, an 1870’s sire of the thorough bred race horse line in Australia. He was Papa to 18 big-race winners including winners of the Melbourne Cup and Sydney Cup. He was more of a lover than a racer, and never actually raced himself. The skeleton rider is apparently of no positive repute.
Taking a break from being a hard pressing tourist we stopped at the oldest pub in Sydney for some cider and pub food (pretty much all pub food is brown).  Its the Fortune of War built in 1828. There are a couple more pubs that claim to be the oldest lurking around ‘the Sydney waterfront, but right now Fortune of War has the claim.
We grabbed a ferry over to the Maritime Museum. Nice set of displays and most of it is free. There was a large section that appeared to be dedicated to shaming Chinese visitors into not buying shark fins or shark fin soup.
SydneyIMG_9445 The Australian Magnificent Bower Bird.
We couldn’t leave out the Taronga Zoo from our touring itinerary. This owl was pretty cool in flight, although being non-deadly to humans I’m not sure it excited the Aussie visitors.
Walking around we saw this wedding going on at the cathedral. Or as it is properly named “The Cathedral Church and Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Mother of God, Help of Christians to give St Mary’s its full title is the Cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Sydney and the seat of the Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher OP.
It was built on land donated by Gov Macquarie in the 1820’s, but not completed for another century. Pretty much everything in New South Wales is either named Macquarie or Lachlan (his first name) or was from land controlled by Macquarie. Scottish Major General Macquarie was appointed governor of New South Wales 1810 to 1821. He was the architect of transitioning the New South Wales from a penal colony to a free settlement.
Outside the wedding were two old, gold Bentley cars waiting for the bridal party.
One more guess as to what city we are in?

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