Thursday, January 19, 2017

Inauguration Day - 1829

Now you might think that inauguration day, at least this one, is really special. Some might think it is the beginning of a disaster. But take a look at some of things said about President Andrew Jackson --- and remember we did survive his presidency.
“Americans tend to forget that Andrew Jackson was the first westerner elected president. Tall, lanky, with the rawboned look of a true backwoodsman, he wore the harsh life of the frontier on his face and literally carried a bullet next to his heart. Ferocious in his resentments, driven to wreak revenge against his enemies, he often acted without deliberation and justified his behavior as a law unto himself.”
“…president, he supported the forced removal of the Cherokees from the southeastern states and willfully ignored the opinion of the Supreme Court. Taking and clearing the land, using violent means if necessary, and acting without legal authority, Jackson was arguably the political heir of the cracker and squatter.”
“Democrat Andrew Jackson’s stormy relationship with Crockett was replicated again and again with any number of contemporaries over the course of a career that was built on sheer will and utter impulse. Most of his loyal supporters eventually ended up on the opposition side of the partisan divide”
“Because Jackson had relatively little experience holding political offices, his run for the presidency drew even more than the normal amount of attention to his personal character.”
“Whether supporters portrayed him as the conquering hero or his enemies labeled him King Andrew I, all focused on his volatile emotions. He certainly lacked the education and polite breeding of his presidential predecessors.”
“Jackson did not look or act like a conventional politician, which was a fundamental part of his appeal.”
His fiery temper and lack of scholarly deportment permanently marked him. A sworn enemy put it best: “Boisterous in ordinary conversation, he makes up in oaths what he lacks in arguments.” Not known for his subtle reasoning, Jackson was blunt in his opinions and quick to resent any who disagreed with him.”
So how will it turn out? I’m unfortunately betting on the image above.
Quotes from: Isenberg, Nancy. White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America (Kindle Locations 2365-2367). Penguin Publishing Group. 


  1. The country may have survived Jackson's presidency but over 4,000 Cherokees certainly ended up worse than the train wreck photo. But the sound bites are remarkably similar to what we've been hearing about Pres. Tiny Hands.