Saturday, August 1, 2015

Enroute Niue

Sunrise has us currently about 50 miles north of Palmerston Island. The sailing has been pretty good and we are going to keep going to Nuie and skip Palmerston. Nuie is about another 420 miles or so. It looks like today will be the first day that we get some blue sky. Its been a fast sail -- we are about 600 miles from where we started. The winds have been well behaved most of the time. They get a little rambuncous for a few hours in the middle of the night. We are mostly cruising along at 7 to 8 kts with some 9's thrown in with the wave pushes. We expect to make Nuie on Monday evening. That would be Monday evening on our time, but we will loose a day heading into Nuie -- some kind of calendar black-hole thing. So we will actually most likely arrive Tuesday evening. Friends there tell us the humpback whales are hanging near the anchorage, so it should give us another opportunity to take lots of pictures of the water with the title 'this is where the whale was'.

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