Sunday, May 10, 2015

Enroute Tuamotus Day 2

We did an easy 151 miles noon to noon yesterday. Last night things got a little rollier, but not too bad. Saw 2 boats on the AIS. One was Kia Ora, but they didn't answer their radio when we called. Got called by the 79ft sailboat Feelin Good as they past us by. The captain was a nice guy out of Seattle.

Looks like we will slow down over night tonight in order to time getting into the pass sometime in the morning after 10am. This should get us some decent sun up high to see the coral and have the out-going pass current down to a mild roar. The passes into these atolls have some very strong and at times dangerous tidal currents. If you are a US boat you usually carefully plan to get there and rush in during one of the brief slacks. Alternately, you could pretend to be French, raise a French flag on the stern and just barrel on in whenever you get there.

Happy Mothers Day!


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