Sunday, April 12, 2015

Almost Easter Island Tikis

Now doesn’t this look like a giant Easter Island tiki to you? It helps that I am actually on my knees for dramatic height effect.
We took a land tour with 3 other boats (Nicha, Free Spirit and Felicta.  US$37 a head) to see the tiki sites on Hiva Oa. These were the ancient ceremonial sites where small time ceremonies, like getting ready to go and fish were done, as well as the bigger time ceremony of eating your neighbor from the next valley or the unsuspecting European who happened to stop by.
HivaOaIMG_0275 This guy is known as the Smiling Tiki.
If you look closely you can see that he is wearing an early version of Google Glasses.
This was Chris favorite’, a tiki in the birthing position.
This was the ankle tattooing spot. The little dark circle to the left of Chris’ foot is the ink well for the artist.
John, our guide, stopped to get us some fresh off the tree bananas on our way back to the anchorage.
This is just a small part of our fruit haul. Every boat got a large stalk of green bananas, pamplimouse (grapefruit) and guave, courtesy of our great tour guide (Mary Jo tours).

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