Sunday, January 6, 2013

It’s a Small World – the Paparazzi Are Out
I got this e-mail the other day from our friends Steve C and Diane back in Washington. Looks like the paparazzi are making bucks taking photos of us.
Hi Paul,
So, Diane and I decide to spend what is left of our meager pittance on a New Years get away. We find a little place on Whidbey near Coupeville to stay. A place called " Cozy Harbor Cottage". So we get there. And it is really a place above a couples garage that they rent out to travelers who are visiting Whidbey Island. No view of the sound, about 5 miles from Coupeville and in a residential neighborhood. Pretty bland location.
So we go inside and it is nicely decorated. Of course in a nautical theme, but not overdone! Nice new kitchen and spa tub. So we settle in among the nautical nic naks. Floats and cheap model sailboats from World Market, etc. I am reading Model Railroader and glancing at the art on the walls and low and behold I see some photos of sailboats. The kind you see at K mart for $3.99 in the clearance bin.
But on closer inspection I see the Jeorgia! A black and white taken out in the sound, You and Chris are manning the helm and are under full sail, Weird Huh. Some one must have taken it from a race a few years back with a telephoto. Odd I say.

Best to you both in the new year.
Steve and Diane.
We rented a car at the Enterprise weekend deal of $9.99 a day Monday to Friday. This setoff a mad dash to to stock the boat up for the up coming Bahamas trip. Everyone says that food is way expensive there, so bring all you can. We did two trips to Costco, easily topping the required $100 minimum.
With a little luck and good weather we should be leaving St Augustine tomorrow, saying good-bye to the state’s oldest mini-golf and the the 1880’s based Alligator Farm tourist trap. I still haven’t gotten to enjoy any of the famous Manatee Chowder yet.

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