Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Kuna Yala Pics

Ahhh, life in 80 degree crystal clear waters tooling around the reefs, which we try not to hit with the boat. This somewhat irate eel who really wasn’t pleased about getting her picture taken. She came out of her hole to scare off the shiny camera.
sanblasDSCN9187A big Anglefish strutting her colors. They’re very curious, will swim right up to check you out.
Portuguese Man-of-War. Must have gotten blown in with the heavy trade-winds we’ve been having.
You really don’t want to get tangled up with the under side of a Man-of-War. Seeing these reminded me of my surfing days in Florida. The welts from these things look like pink whip lashes.

Ok, just to set the record straight, these howler monkeys aren’t really Canadians, they’re Panamanian. These are located on Linton Island just before you get into Kuna Yala territory. The story we heard was that if you go ashore with some food they will come up and be all nice cuddly with you. One photographer went in and stood on the pier. The monkeys climbed up on him and acted all nice. When he ran out of food and tried to leave they started scratching and biting him. He ended up jumping in the water with his camera gear to get away. He had to head to Panama City to get patched up and start a rabies shot series. Bad monkeys!

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