Monday, January 9, 2012

Jeorgia Gets a Clean Bottom

sbIMG_8557 Decided to haul Jeorgia at Shelter Bay Marina, Colon, Panama while Chris was up in San Diego for her Mom’s 80th birthday celebration. The bottom paint was beginning to show through in a few spots and its effectiveness wasn’t so hot. She was wearing 19 month old Petit Trinidad SR. I ordered 3 more gallons of Trinidad and had it shipped in from Miami via Marine Warehouse – pretty painless.
sbIMG_8509 The yard here is good. This is a picture of Victor, the yard manager, diving on the keel before hauling to ensure the TravelLift straps are positioned correctly. Labor and hauls were less than US prices, but not way less. Paint a little more. $160 to sand and prep the bottom.
I’d haul here again if I needed it.
So what do you do here while waiting for paint to dry? Shelter Bay Marina is on the premises of the old US Army Fort Sherman. Lots of trails to hike on, old buildings to look at and rusty things to find. Here’s an old mortar battery used during WW I and WW II to protect the entrance to the Canal.
sbIMG_8545 SBFortSherman If you click on this old, previously SECRET map to enlarge it you can see Battery Mower in the upper center.  The marina is in the enclosed bay on the right. (map photo from Jedi blog)

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