Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sister, this ain’t Kansas anymore - repost

Here's some pics from Chris' visit to the Emir's Palace for the Salaha celebration. Sorry I don't have good titles for these, but they were too cool to wait till Chris got around to putting in the words. A little touch of Nigeria.
 a contingent of the emir's men(1) a contingent of the emir's men all the emir's men 1(1) all the emir's men 2(1)  all the emir's men 3(1) all the emir's men 4(1)  arabian horse!(1) grandchildren of the emir 2
The Emir’s nice and nephew grandchildren of the emir head dresses 1 young girlshead dresses 2 head dresses 3 head dresses 4 horse and rider 2 horse and rider 3 the girls air force academy the girls- Paulina, Asabe, Asma'u (L to R) Chris’ co-workers
the parade with palace and spectators behind the view from the roof
The crowd that didn’t get invited in

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