Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lost Dinghy Dock

I got back to Panama City (Las Brisas) after a nice 5 hour sail back from the Las Perlas Islands. It turns out they let the place fall apart while I was gone. If you look at the center of the picture above you can see the long blue covered ramp heading straight into the water. It is supposed to attach to the center dock, that has now sunk.  This makes it pretty hard to get to shore, as there are 20 foot tides here in Panama Bay. It is kinda like having a 12 foot wide river between your front door and your car. Makes hauling groceries tough. There were lots of cruiser rumors as to what happened in the night to cause this – as best as I can tell, the dock simply sank.
I spent the day yesterday out of commission with an earache. It reminded me of being a kid in Florida in 3rd grade suffering at night. Looks like the El Salvadorian ear drops Otan are making progress and I’ll be back to my chipper self soon.
Truth in lending statement. Turns out the white-tipped shark photo in the last post was borrowed for effect by Carolyn from the Interweb, not taken by her. So the shark I saw was this guys brother.

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