Monday, March 7, 2011

Moby Dick lives, and she’s pissed!

After leaving Yelpa in the late afternoon we had a good night sail around Cabo Corrientos (the Cape of Currents). Spent a day near Chemela and then a night in Paraiso. Paraiso is a pretty little inlet. We had 5 boats in there, all with bow and stern anchorages to avoid any swinging. Now we are down in Tenactitca. A big bay with nice anchorages with an estuary canal covered with mangrove that you can take your dinghy up for 2 1/2 miles.
The big story out of Tenacatita concerns one very pissed off humpback whale. Two days before we arrived, a sail boat (a Pearson 365 I was told) making their way north upped anchor and quickly set sail in the bay on the way out. They were a mile into the bay when a humpback center punched them. The whale hit the side of the boat, knocking it over 45*. It then went under the boat , turned and rammed it again from the other side. She dropped down under the boat and started beating her tail. This whale had a score to settle. The crew onboard were having a brown undies moment. They called out a Mayday over the VHF and the anchorage emptied with dinghies to go help. They brought the boat in and anchored it. Reported damage included missing part of the lower rudder, bent strut (or shaft), leaking stuffing box, plus they had to use a crow bar to open the head door. Next day, with clean underwear, they headed north with a boat to accompany them. Presumably to haul out in Banderas Bay. This was either one neurotic whale or some kharmic payback event, the motivation was unclear. Either way all the yatistas who have heard this tale are now being very careful of the resident humpbacks they meet!
EDIT: Here's a link to the first hand story of the whale run-in, as opposed to the third-hand rumors reported above: Luffinit

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